Introduction – Eyebrow Piercing

Getting an eyebrow piercing is equally an exciting and risky experience. If you are unfamiliar with the procedure but want to get one done, you need to familiarize yourself more with how it is being conducted and the risks involved with the procedure.


The first thing you should know about before you get your eyebrow pierced is that this is not something you can do by yourself. Unless you are the piercing expert, then only let a professional handle the procedure for you. You don’t want an inexperienced person working on you , so look for someone who is licensed or has a great reputation as a professional piercer.

You should also look into the materials used when piercing your eyebrows. As a note, piercing guns are not suitable for eyebrow piercing, therefore stay away from the piercers who use this particular equipment. Instead, you should look for a piercer that uses sterilized equipments and disposable needles for your safety. Also make sure that during the procedure, the piercer is using disposable latex gloves. Sterilization should be verified first because unsterile equipments can lead to contamination and expose you to contagious diseases.

Before working with a piercing artist, always ask for his portfolio. Most of the professional piercers will have pictures of previous piercings of his clients as proof of his expertise. From the images, evaluate if the piercer does a good job with positioning the jewelry. You should also ask him the procedure and jewelry he uses for your first piercing. To be safe, request a titanium, barbell jewelry to be used.


When you are getting ready for your appointment with the piercing studio, wear a button-down shirt. This way you won’t be disturbing your piercing right after it is done. Pull your hair away from your face so that it doesn’t get caught up in your new piercing.

Pain is something that is inevitable with eyebrow piercing. Try taking deep breaths and relaxing before the procedure is started. It helps if you close your eyes during the procedure so that you won’t be able to see anything when you get pierced.

After getting pierced, you need to take care of the pierced area by cleaning it everyday. It might take a month or two before your piercing totally heals and during this time, it is prone to infections. Thus, it is necessary to keep your piercings sanitized with disinfectant and ointment to prevent this. However, if you notice swelling, discharge, or redness, see your doctor immediately. Don’t remove the piercing until you get doctor’s orders to do so.

Truly, eyebrow piercings are individual statements one can make. You have the ultimate decision to get one, but before you do so, consider your work environment and your family. If having one won’t hinder your work and isn’t a problem for your family, then by all means get one. You have the ultimate right over what you want to do with your body and getting an eyebrow piercing exercises that right.