Eyebrow Piercing Procedure

Eyebrow piercing is not necessarily a dangerous procedure in the right hands. It only becomes so when inexperienced piercers do the job or when you try to do it at home. Therefore, if you want to have a pleasant experience with a new eyebrow piercing, have a professional do it for you.

A professional eyebrow piercing procedure is typical for most piercing studios. Read on to find out how an eyebrow piercing is conducted by a professional. Rings aren’t often used as initial jewelry because they are awkward for first timers. Instead, a curved barbell is used.


First things first, the client, that is you, together with the artist will select a custom fit jewelry first. Then, you need to sign a consent form stating that you actually want to undergo such a procedure and are doing so at your own risk. It is at this point that your artist will explain to you the entire procedure to be carried out, the risks involved, and information regarding recovery. You might get a printed brief on this or a simple talk through of the procedures.

Before anything is started, the gloves, needles, jewelry, and gauze to be used are sterilized using an autoclave steam process. Depending on the studio, they may already have pre-sterilized these items beforehand. You will then be taken to a sterile room that is exclusively used for piercing services only. Expect some friendly talk from your piercer during this time. They will usually engage you in a conversation to keep you at ease and to earn your trust. Talking helps for you as well because it will keep your mind off the procedure to be done for a while.

During the ease up period, your piercer will put on a surgical mask and protective eyewear. They will then scrub their hands and wear medical exam gloves. After which, the point where the jewelry will be inserted will be marked for a better view. It will also be cleaned with a disinfectant as well. Once these steps are done, your piercer will know put on sterilized gloves to get ready for the actual piercing.


Over the area to be pierced, a fabric drape with an opening will be in place. Then, the tissues in the eyebrow area are aligned to ensure a good pierce. You will now be asked to take a deep breath as the piercer slides the needle to the marked spot. The jewelry follows the end trail of the needle so that it is able to follow through its path. The piercing doesn’t take too long and you might even notice it over as you breathe out. After which, the piercing is locked in place and tightened.

Now, you will be given a mirror to check out your new eyebrow piercing. Aftercare procedures may be discussed with you again at this point. Expect your piercing to heal in a few months time. Depending on the studio, you might be asked to come back a month after to see the healing progress.