Eyebrow Piercing Dangers

Eyebrow piercing is a piercing done in a vertical manner through the eyebrow. They are considered as facial piercings and can be done in any place along the eyebrow. They are surface piercings and are thus prone to migration. Because of this, you need to follow the proper after care procedures to ensure that your piercing won’t get infected.


The sensitivity of the eye area poses one of the biggest dangers to eyebrow piercing. This area is prone to infection especially for freshly done piercings. To identify the dangers of eyebrow piercing, you have to be acquainted with its procedure first. The first thing that is performed during an eyebrow piercing is the creation of the opening using a hollow needle. The needle is not penetrated all the way through but serves as a way to lead the jewelry into the eyebrow. Once the jewelry is in place, it is locked and the procedure is completed.

While the procedure won’t take so long, there are associated dangers and risk of having your eyebrow pierced. One serious danger of eyebrow piercing is infection. If proper precautions and care are not undertaken, an infection can actually cause scarring and worse, blood poisoning. Another danger you have to be aware of is a severe allergic reaction. There are individuals who are allergic to certain kind of metals and they realize this too late and end up hospitalized after the procedure. There are also instances when nerve damage can occur. If you get an improperly positioned piercing, you can damage a nerve and cause an area to be unable to feel anything at all.


Eyebrow piercing is a risky procedure but if you get one done from a professional and know how to care for yourself after the procedure, you can be assured that you’ll be free from any eyebrow piercing problem later on. One of the things you can do to prevent problems is to ensure that your hands are free from contaminants when you touch your eyebrow piercing. In caring for your piercing, use sterile cotton and a disinfectant. It is imperative for you to take caution when removing any trickle from the pierced area. If the piercing can be twisted already, be sure to clean the different sections around the pierced area to ensure everything is clean.

In general, these piercings take 6-8 weeks to heal, but if you are prone to irritation, the healing time can extend to a few months. During the healing period, it is recommended if you avoid wearing makeup and other facial products to avoid irritating your piercing.

Eyebrow piercing is not necessarily a dangerous procedure to undertake. You just need to know the proper precautions when undertaking one. Body jewelry is a self-expression and if you feel like getting an eyebrow piercing, go for it. Remember though, that if you want to have a successful procedure, go to a professional for one. Lastly, do the necessary after care procedures to ensure that you reduce or eliminate the risks of having an eyebrow piercing done.