Eyebrow Piercing at Home

Eyebrow piercings are one of the most common piercings done on the face. They are piercings that are carried out anywhere along theeyebrow, which is very near to the eyes. Because of the sensitivity of the area, you need to really research things before you decide on having this procedure done.

eyebrow_bars_secondary2 As much as possible, a professional piercing artist should carry out the procedure to ensure safety, but if that isn’t an option to you, then you can try doing an eyebrow piercing at home. Some things to remember about doing this procedure at home are sanitization and proper knowledge. Without the two, please do not try to do an eyebrow piercing at home as it can be dangerous to do so.

Usually, circular barbells are used for an eyebrow piercing. They are popular for the variety in their designs, sizes, and colors. If you choose to do your eyebrow piercing at home, it is necessary for you to have a piercing kit. Piercing kits are aplenty and you can buy them in several shops online and offline. You need these kits so that it will be easier for you to insert the jewelry into your eyebrow. Another thing you have to buy is the jewelry itself. Circular barbells work best so you can start out with these ones first.


There are specific reasons why circular barbells are ideal for eyebrow piercing. One reason is that their curved shapes make it easier to insert them. They are also inexpensive and come in either titanium or sterling silver. Once you have these materials, you can now start the process of doing an eyebrow piercing at home. It shouldn’t take you more than ten minutes to finish the entire process, but you need to put all your focus on doing it right so you don’t mess up later on.

A piercing kit usually comes with an alcohol swab, a lubricated needle, a clamp, antibacterial soap, and a q-tip. There are also those that already have the jewelry included in the kit. If this is the case, you can just use the jewelry that comes with it instead of buying a new one.

Before the actual piercing, use the alcohol swap and wipe clean the area which you want to pierce. Then, take the clamp and clamp this area. Once you have the clamp in place, take a deep breath and startsliding the needle through the clamp holes directly on to your skin until it protrudes on the other side. With the needle still in the skin, take the curved barbell and insert it through the hole using the needle’s path as a guide. Once the jewelry is in place, slide the needle out and you’re done.


But the process does not end there. You need to spread some antibacterial on the newly pierced area to prevent infections. Now, all you need is to heal completely and you’ll certainly enjoy your new eyebrow piercing done at home. Remember to do the proper after care procedures so you can reduce your recovery time. When you fully heal, you can now try other kinds of eyebrow jewelry to create different looks every day.