Eyebrow Piercing Cost

Body piercing is a trend that has been going on for several years already. It is a highly popular form of body art popular in older civilizations. The youth of today has caught on with this trend and are leaning towards getting eyebrow piercings done as the most popular form of facial piercing.


Eyebrow piercing is a body piercing procedure that needs to be decided on beforehand. It should not be done on an impulse because there are several factors to consider before one is conducted. One of the most basic things you should know is that eyebrow piercings can be located in any place along the eyebrow, depending on your preferences and the jewelry to be used. The second important factor to consider is the cost of an eyebrow piercing. Cost should be considered because you don’t want some inexperienced professional doing this procedure on you.

The cost of an eyebrow piercing varies with some aspects. One of which is the location of the piercing studio as well as its popularity. Another thing that can affect the overall cost of an eyebrow piercing is the kind of jewelry you choose and the type of care needed after the procedure is done. Nevertheless, when you sum up everything, this particular procedure is within the reach of everyone.

To get the best results at the best price, you need to decide on the artist and the piercing studio that will handle the procedure. Of course, you can expect to be charged more for a well-established artist and studio. A tell-tale sign of a good piercing studio is the number of clients it has. The more clients they have, the better their services are, and the higher their rates will be. Even then, it will be all worth it because a good studio will minimize the pain involved and give you the maximum satisfaction for your new piercing. The studio’s location is also a playing factor because the nearer it is to your place, the more you save on travel expenses.

The materials used during the piercing are also part of the total cost. Studio artists will definitely use the best materials there are when it comes to eyebrow piercings, but it is best if you request for titanium jewelry as it is a pure and inert metal. Titanium makes the recovery time faster and easier for you. The style of the jewelry also affects the cost.


Another thing that can contribute to the overall cost of an eyebrow piercing is the possibility of infections and other medical conditions related to the procedure. When you want to have an eyebrow piercing done, make sure you have enough money for whatever issues that may arise later on. Remember, full recovery can take up to three months and anything can happen in between.

If you’ve already decided to get an eyebrow piercing done, a safe estimate of prices is at $35 to $45, without the cost of the jewelry. Depending on the kind of jewelry chosen, you might need to add $15-$35 to the service cost. Basically, these are the factors that can affect the cost of an eyebrow piercing.