Fake Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow piercing is a hip trend, but not everyone is made for the pain and cost that accompanies it. Now, there is a way for you to have an eyebrow piercing without the pain. This article will show you how to do a fake eyebrow piercing so that you don’t have to get into a misunderstanding with your parents or suffer pain during an actual eyebrow piercing procedure.


The secret to getting a fake eyebrow piercing is a stick-on sticker. Of course, you won’t be able to get a fake tongue piercing with this method because stickers can’t be glued to the tongue. This method works best for a fake eyebrow piercing. To start off, you need to get yourself some false eyelash glue. And no, you aren’t going to use it to stick a false eyelash. You need it as the adhesive material to use with your stick-on stickers. Eyelash glue is perfectly safe and gentle for the skin, thus the choice.

Once you have the eyelash glue, it’s time to start searching for the best design for your eyebrow piercing. Depending on your preferences, you can get nail art stickers or 3D stickers to do the job for you. Choose the design that you want and accessorize it some more so that you get a unique design. Once you have the design, you can now stick it to the location along your eyebrow where you want it to be seen.

Another kind of fake eyebrow piercing you can get is jewelry which you can snap on your eyebrows for a realistic look. This particular kind of jewelry is available from your local as well as your online stores. You just have to specify non-pierce jewelry so that you get the best matches. This kind of non-pierce jewelry gives you a realistic look such that no one will be able to tell if you are wearing a fake one or not. Just be careful though because there are instances when they can fall off.


Similar to looking for real eyebrow jewelry, you have to ensure that the jewelry you use to simulate a real piercing is hypoallergenic. You can’t get risk getting an allergic reaction even with a fake piercing.
It is entirely up to you on what method of fake eyebrow piercing to follow. Any of the two methods above will achieve the look that you want. What is great about fake eyebrow piercings is that you can immediately change the jewelry you are wearing according to the occasion. No need to wait for recovery and no hassles at all.

With a fake eyebrow piercing, you need not worry about scarring as well. If you don’t feel like wearing your eyebrow jewelry anymore, you just need to remove it and that’s that. Those who are still having second thoughts about getting a real eyebrow piercing, you can try things out with a fake eyebrow piercing first and see if it fits what you want. From there, you can decide to push through with the decision of getting a real piercing or settle for a fake one.